Restore Louisiana provides federal grant assistance to homeowners impacted by 2020-21 disasters

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The deadline to complete the survey was August 1, 2023. The deadline to complete the program application was October 31, 2023.


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The Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program offers a program-managed repair or reconstruction option (Solution 1). Solution 1 homeowners only need to execute their grant, move their personal belongings out and then back in when construction is complete. The program will handle all other aspects of Solution 1 projects. 

 For homeowners requiring home reconstruction, the floorplan for the new residential structure is based is on the square footage of the existing damaged home or a plan that fits jurisdiction required setbacks.

    Learn more about Solution 1 and see floorplans here
    Everything has been wonderful since. I have this beautiful home now!
    - Bobby McNamara, Terrebonne Parish
    This still feels like a dream. No words could ever describe it. I am blessed beyond measure.
    - Janelle Jackson, Calcasieu Parish
    My experience with Restore Louisiana was everything!
    - Vanessa Pierre, St. Charles Parish
    I recommend this program to anyone who needs help.
    - Brenda Burton, St. Helena Parish
    I am truly blessed for the help the Restore Louisiana program gave me.
    - Restore Louisiana Homeowner
    I'm very appreciative of the men and women working to help people like me get back into their home.
    - Mark Leonard, Beauregard Parish
    I wonder every day where I would be without all that Restore Louisiana has done for me and my family.
    - Leona Plaisance, Lafourche Parish
    I can never fully express how this program has changed our lives. Thank you Restore Louisiana!
    - Jennifer Lafont, Lafourche Parish
    So thankful this program exists!
    - Kelly Berkey, Calcasieu Parish
    Restore Louisiana completely changed my life!
    - Adele Michael, Ascension Parish

    Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program Policy Manual

    The policy manual is Restore Louisiana's way of communicating policies and procedures of the Homeowner Assistance Program to the public. If you're curious about any facet of the program, the policy manual will answer your questions. Although the state has not received the funding yet to launch the full program, you can review the manual for an overview of how the program will work. NOTE: This is not a final version and is subject to change. Click the link below to access the document.


    • What is Restore Louisiana?

      Restore Louisiana is dedicated to helping homeowners recover from federally declared disasters. The program is administered by the Louisiana Office of Community Development (OCD) and funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through federal appropriations of Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds. Restore Louisiana was initially established to assist homeowners impacted by the March and August 2016 Floods and has now expanded to include homeowners impacted by Hurricanes Laura, Delta, Ida and the May 2021 Severe Storm.

    • How do I contact the program?

      To speak with a program representative, please call 866.735.2001 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding holidays).

    • How does the program calculate my Repair or Reimbursement Estimate?

      The program will conduct a damage assessment as part of the application process which will assess the value of both the prospective work remaining to complete repair, reconstruction, or replacement of the home, and the value of work already completed. This will be a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your home and homeowners must be present for the inspection.

      The program's inspector will use program-approved estimating software and pricelists to provide estimates of the value of both remaining work and eligible completed repairs. The Program Pricing List can be found here.

      Please note: pricing is subject to change based upon program review and approval and at the program's discretion.

    • I need additional assistance with my program application. What do I do?

      If you have difficulties submitting documents or using the DocuSign function, see this helpful video on How to Scan and Upload Documents.

      If you have a disability and require additional accommodations, we are glad to assist you with navigating the application process. Please call 866.735.2001 or email to speak with a program representative who will assist you accordingly.

    • What's next after I complete my program application?

      Eligibility Review: After you complete your application, the program will review the application and information from third-party sources to determine whether you meet eligibility requirements for the program. If the program is unable to verify information from third party sources, applicants may be required to submit supporting documentation for program review.

      Damage Assessment: The program will then work with the applicant to schedule a damage assessment, where inspectors will use industry standard software to inspect work already completed and to determine a scope of work for prospective repairs needed to complete the home.

      At this point, the homeowner will be assigned a case manager to help walk them through the rest of the program process.

      More information on the program process can be found on the program overview page.