Everything has been wonderful since. I have this beautiful home now!
- Bobby McNamara, Terrebonne Parish

Bobby McNamara and his family didn’t know what they’d come back to when they evacuated during Hurricane Ida in 2020. After staying in Texas for a week, Bobby returned to Louisiana to find his home destroyed.

Following Hurricane Ida, Bobby lived with his mom until he was eventually able to move into a FEMA trailer.

“I’ve been living in that FEMA trailer ever since,” McNamara said.

When Bobby found out about the Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program, he applied for assistance and soon found out he was eligible for assistance to reconstruct his home. Bobby chose Solution 1, where the program managed the entire reconstruction of his home.

Now back in a newly restored home, Bobby says he is thankful for the Restore Louisiana program.

“Everything has been wonderful since. I have this beautiful home now!”

This still feels like a dream. No words could ever describe it. I am blessed beyond measure.
- Janelle Jackson, Calcasieu Parish

For Janelle Jackson, the Restore Louisiana program "still feels like a dream."

Taking care of her mother, daughter and son, Janelle was looking for ways to recover and rebuild following Hurricane Laura. After months of uncertainty, Janelle applied for assistance from Restore Louisiana.

When asked about her experience with the program, Janelle said that the program provided her with all the information she needed, and her case manager worked with her until she understood everything, answering all of her questions and helping her along the way.

When sharing her experience, Janelle said "never give up - stick it out and it will be worth it."

Janelle concluded by calling 2023 the year "of blessings," and saying she is "blessed beyond measure."

My experience with Restore Louisiana was everything!
- Vanessa Pierre, St. Charles Parish

"My experience with Restore Louisiana was everything! My home is beautiful, and everything was done to the best quality and in a timely manner. I thank God for Restore Louisiana – I am back in my home!"

I recommend this program to anyone who needs help.
- Brenda Burton, St. Helena Parish

“I recommend this program to anyone who needs help. I love my home – thank you so much Restore Louisiana.”