Non-Federal Match Program



The state will provide non-federal match funding for FEMA Public Assistance grants to offset the burden of local match requirements for infrastructure repair and rebuilding projects. Without assistance to meet the state and local match requirements, the infrastructure and resources typically provided by state and local governments will be severely at-risk, as the state and local governments will be required to either a) forgo assistance from FEMA PA or b) divert funding needed for other community needs toward meeting the match requirements.

Funds are limited to covering the non-federal portion of FEMA PA eligible projects and may not be used to expand a project beyond what is already approved by FEMA.

In order for projects to be eligible for the Non-Federal Match Program, the project must meet the following requirements:

  • Obligated in Louisiana PA at time of application submission

  • Categorized as Emergency Work (Category A or B)

  • Eligible project amount reaches the large project threshold

  • Minimum match amount of $100,000

  • Located in a qualifying MID area

Getting Started

The application period for the Non-Federal Match Program closed on June 30, 2023.