Homeowner Assistance: File a Complaint or Grievance

Please Choose from One of the Following Options

To submit a Restore LA complaint online, click here to complete the form. Please make sure to hit submit once you’re done.

Solution 1 applicants may submit their complaints/grievances with their contractor for work that is not in keeping with established homebuilding contractor standards and workmanship. Applicants wishing to file a complaint/grievance must do so prior to sign-off on final construction payment and completion certificate.

To file a Solution 1 complaint/grievance, click here.

Solution 2 applicants may file a complaint regarding any disputes with their Mobile Home Unit (MHU) dealer with the MHU Division of the State Fire Marshall's office. See more by clicking here

If you have any questions on how to file your complaint, please call our Customer Service Helpline at (866) 735-2001.