What Documents to Bring to a Mobile Application Support Event

Below is a list of the types of documents you should prepare to bring if they are applicable to your recovery:

  • Proof of Insurance Claim Document Statement (including the date of the claim, homeowner name, damaged residence address, and net claim amount or claim denial letter, if applicable).

  • SBA loan documents

  • 1040 tax return or 1099 forms (from 2021): this applies if you or any household members 18 years and older are self-employed and/or receive income from these sources: social security, pension, retirement, disability, or annuity

  • Manufactured Housing Unit (MHU) ownership documentation

    • Title or registration from the Department of Motor Vehicles;

    • Title found in the land records for the MHU;

    • Notarized bill of sale which provides ownership of the MHU; or

    • 2020 tax record for the MHU on leased land

Program representatives will also be available on-site to help homeowners complete the survey on a first-come, first-served basis.

You are not required to bring any documentation for the survey; however, you do need to bring your FEMA registration number in order to submit a survey.