Solution 1

“It still is unbelievable. The program really works."

- Hamilton Guillory, Calcasieu Parish – Solution 1 Participant


The Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program offers a program-managed repair or reconstruction option (Solution 1). For homeowners requiring home reconstruction, the floorplan for the new residential structure is based is on the square footage of the existing damaged home or a plan that fits jurisdiction required setbacks

During the application process, homeowners will choose between Solution 1: Program Managed Construction or Solution 2: Homeowner Managed Construction prior to closing on their grant award.

With Solution 1, the program-approved licensed contractor will oversee the entire construction process and will ensure the structure adheres to the IBHS FORTIFIED Gold Standards and complies with Green and Resilient Building Standards.

Solution 1 homeowners only need to execute their grant, move their personal belongings out and then back in when construction is complete. The program will handle all other aspects of Solution 1 projects. Details and finishes can be viewed in the policy manual under the Appendix D: Construction Standards

Solution 1 Homeowner Testimonial

Solution 1 Construction Video

Solution 1 Floorplans

The Restore Louisiana program offers seven different floorplan options to choose from, depending on the square footage of the existing damaged home. For information about each floorplan, please click the below links:

Landscaping is not included, and home may not look exactly like picture if setback modifications are required. Porches, steps and landings for every entry door shall be as per program design and land on a concrete pad no less than three feet in length and no less than the width of the steps. All components shall be treated lumber with water sealer finish. Handrails shall consist of pressure treated spindles and pressure treated formed handrail.

How Does Solution 1 Work?

Applicants may choose to have Restore Louisiana manage and complete the construction process for the repair or reconstruction of damaged homes. The program will assign the program-approved scope of work for repairs or the reconstruction to the licensed and insured Louisiana contractor.

The program will make payments directly to the program contractor as requested by the homebuilding contractor at 50% and 100% of construction completion, alleviating the homeowner of the responsibility of fronting the funds during construction milestones. Construction progress and quality will be monitored throughout each phase of the project and final payment is contingent upon a successful inspection by a third-party entity and permitting by the local municipality.

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible?

A homeowner may be eligible for reconstruction if:

  • The disaster-damaged home was demolished or unsafe to enter at the time of the damage assessment

  • The homeowner received a condemnation letter or substantial damage letter from their local jurisdiction

  • The relative percentage of the program repair estimate was greater than or equal to 80% of the reconstruction estimate

Solution 1 Accommodations And Building Standards

  • FORTIFIED Building Standards – The program’s Solution 1 reconstruction floorplans adhere to IBHS FORTIFIED Gold Standards, which reinforce the areas of the home that conventional construction may leave susceptible to damage from high winds and wind-driven rain. For more information, visit the Resources page of the program website.

  • Green and Resilient Building Standards – The program’s Solution 1 construction activities will also comply with Green and Resilient Building Standards established by the program using HUD’s Green Building Checklist and the ENERGY STAR Certified Home standard for projects that were substantially damaged or where reconstruction is required. For more information, visit the Resources page of the program website

  • 504/ADA Accommodations – For those applicants who are disabled or who share a dwelling with disabled household members, an allowance above the program award cap may be available for interior and/or exterior special accommodations, which is not included in the standard repair estimate for both stick-built homes and manufactured housing units.

  • Elevation – Solution 1 homes will be built with pier and beam elevated to 3’ unless the jurisdiction requires a higher elevation.

  • The program promotes the FORTIFIED standards to homeowners as beneficial to the resilience of the property during weather events, property values, insurance discounts and tax deductions. See the “Smart Home America” website for more information on incentives available in Louisiana.